In the modern business world it takes more than just having a web site and internal software systems to make a business stand out from its competitors. More and more emphasis is being placed on integrated solutions - linking your internal systems to your customer-facing software (web site, Point of Sale, eCommerce site) - and remote access to your internal systems for your employees while they are on the road. In addition, in an effort to drive down cost many businesses are looking to cloud platforms to reduce the cost of ownership and the maintenance of hardware.

At JASSY Consultancy, we take great pride in being able to work alongside your business and help you along the journey to make your business more successful by reducing cost, increasing revenue, increasing customer loyalty and employee satisfaction. Rather than placing the emphasis on increasing revenue or reducing cost, we aim to increase employee satisfaction as we believe that the more satisfied your employees are, the more productive they will be - this will naturally result in increased revenue and reduced cost as staff attrition will be reduced and the cost of recruiting replacement staff will subsequently decrease as well.

To accomplish this, we offer a range of services that are summarised below. Generally we would provide a mix of these services (such as web site design, application development and business intelligence) as one project, but we can also focus on one service at a time if that is what your business needs.

Website Design
We use proven open-source packages as the basis for most of our designs in order to accelerate the development process but we can also build bespoke web sites to fit your exact requirements.

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Website Hosting
We offer a range of pre-configured web site hosting packages as well as bespoke packages. We use one of the leading hosting providers within the UK to provide a high performing and resilient solution.

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If you want to sell products online or want to update an existing eCommerce solution, JASSY have a wealth of experience with existing open-source eCommerce packages and can even host your shopping site at extremely competitive rates.

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Business Intelligence
Businesses nowadays collect a huge volume of data. We can work alongside you to develop a business intelligence strategy which would include identifying and configuring systems and development of reports for end users.

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